ASP Service - Proof of Work (HandyBUZ)

Pictures taken by camera phones can be used as the proof of work, which also make report creation unnecessary.

ASP Service - Proof of Work (HandyBUZ)

Photos and reports are saved in the folder set for each customer or store.
This information can be shared on the internet, therefore you can view and update it from anywhere in the world. Besides, you are allowed to customize your report format by using templates.
You can also view CCWEB-registered information about your requested maintenance project, as well as photos taken during and after the completion of project.

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Features of HandyBUZ

Since you can create reports simply by taking and sending photos, it is unnecessary to edit them until you return back to the office. Moreover, the report can be viewed immediately via the Internet. Thus, managers are able to check the real-time status and give prompt instructions to on-site personnel.
The software can record work reports at the installation site timely and identify the work content and process. Photo taken date and GPS-generated location information can also be recorded. Reports generated by our system cannot be tampered with, and this technology has obtained patent in Japan, Korea and America.


According to the project requirements, if necessary, you can customize your report format.

Cases of Main ASP Services

  • Create reports for the personnel at installation sites
  • Create reports of bridge inspection for administrative orders
  • Report the information of customer’s house from the salesman (to reduce the amount of labor used in on-site survey beforeconstruction)
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