JM’s support to Post-Earthquake Reconstruction
We wish to express our sincere condolences to the victims and extend our heartfelt sympathy to the families of victims of 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, with the epicenter in the east of the Oshika Peninsula and the Pacific coast of Tohoku. 
JM offers as much support as possible and spares no effort to help ride the storm out.

Initial ResponseSupport restoration of CustomersSupport Energy SavingWays to contact us about disaster recovery and energy-saving measures

① Initial Response

JM set up the headquarters for earthquake countermeasures right after this natural disaster, as well as a base camp in Yamagata after 24 hours. The company also dispatched 84 employees from 33 offices across the country to disaster-stricken areas.

After 36 hours of the quake, we set up a materials center in Yamagata and worked for a nationwide network to provide community-based service. Within 5 days after the quake, we sent 447 temporary toilets and 201 power generators to the areas affected.

Initial Response

② Support restoration of Customers

JJM worked on business resumption for essential regional infrastructure facilities, such as convenience stores, restaurants and gas stations.

From the day of the earthquake, to help resume business operations quickly, we discussed with customers, checked and inspected the disaster status, removed debris, cleaned up the site, installed temporary toilets and generators.

Support restoration of Customers

③ Support Energy Saving

To cope with the continuous power shortage immediately after the earthquake, we proceeded to install LED lights and solar panels for customers rapidly.

Support Energy Saving

④ Ways to contact us about disaster recovery and energy-saving measures

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