President's Message

President Hirotaka Ohtake

In the first half year of 2011, JM handled 150,000 cases of consultation, that is, the entire work load of the previous year was finished just in six months. The company has laid great emphasis on life cycle management, and also been actively engaged in the field of environment. It can be said that the increasing requests for our services promises the realization of smart life, or the building of smart home, smart city. We can say without exaggeration that this new trend will lead a revolution in energy technology. JM-developed simulation of area planning, cleaning, maintenance and repair management, facility maintenance, visualization of energy, and spatial information database make us recognize that the era in which we can make contributions to society has arrived.

In 2007, JM (Japan Management) Corporation spun off the retail division of Maeda Corporation into a separate company, to reduce the facility operating costs of regional society. In recent years, JM began to provide supporting tools that display the charm of the region to the world. On the other hand, from the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck Eastern Japan on March 11, 2011, we were keenly aware of the importance of protecting local communities, and embarked on a study of energy management system in cooperation with regional and national companies.

By now JM has set up 60 local agencies in Japan, one each in China and Korea for its business development, which are responsible for the operation of local companies.

These agencies work as your local craftsmen who can carry out common construction work to repair and maintain local facilities, and provide the tool Matabee-System to increase the efficiency. Matabee, the trademark of JM, represents the "Japanese-style Name of Maintenance Craftsmen" who are able to protect local communities. They play an active role in maintenance as New Craftsmen who keep abreast with the new era of information technology, and use the state-of-the-art IT tools.

In the future, JM will spare no effort to make contributions in helping improve the function of the city with its best services; meanwhile, join hands with business partners, governments and residents from different countries and regions to promote regional revitalization.