Year Business Progress Progress of IT Tool/Solution
Development Performance Highlights
2000 ・Established as retail business department of Maeda Corporation

・Partnered with 7-11 Japan Co., Ltd.

・Partnered with Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
  ・Imported Autodesk Buzzsaw
2001 ・Released individual-oriented Naoshiya Matabee service

・Started one-stop service
・Launched building diagnostic service for 7-Eleven stores nationwide (about 9,000 stores) ・Introduced mobile barcode to building diagnostic service

・Developed and imported Web-based main system
2002 ・Established Naoshiya Matabee Corporation

・Set up Call Center (Kameari Tokyo)

・Cooperated with Autodesk Inc.(USA)
  ・Developed and imported FMWEB/ CCWEB

・Introduced camera mobile phone
2003 ・Cooperated with Uniqlo

・Cooperated with TDC (Japan)
・Repaired/maintained facilities exceeded 10,000.

・Yearly request cases handled by call center topped 100,000.
・Launched call center service (B to B)

・Developed and imported Matabee System
2004   ・Implemented 120 facilities in 10 days for business condition change ・Developed and imported HandyBUZ
2005  ・Yearly request cases handled by call center topped 200,000. ・Launched Matabee System ASP service
2006   ・Conducted signboard installation projects for 3,000 places in one month ・Developed MSP-3D(Matabee-3D now) and launched the service
2007 ・Set up JM Corporation (Naoshiya Matabee) as an independent company

・Founded Maeda (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

・Set up 3D-CAD Centers in China (Chengdu, Wuhan)

・Cooperated with Tecton (Hong Kong)
・More than 15 satellite offices  
2008 ・Teamed up with Solar Frontier Co., Ltd. (Showa Shell Group) ・Carried out 5,000 additional equipment (flyer)installation projects in 4 months  
2009 ・Cooperated with Nissan

・Cooperated with Microsoft (USA)
・Exceeded 10 billion yen in annual turnover  
2010 ・Cooperated with earthmine (USA)

・Worked with isBIM (Hong Kong)

・Established Transaction Processing Center in Wuhan (China)
・Yearly request cases handled by call center topped 300,000.

・More than 70 satellite offices
・Imported Matabee-3Dm and launched the service

Trends in Sales

Trends in Sales